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Mr Bankes:

‘When I was told I’d won the jackpot in the PDSA Raffle I thought it was a joke – I couldn’t believe it!’ said Mr Bankes. ‘I went straight to the winners’ list on the website to check and was amazed to see my name listed as the first prize winner.’

‘The year I won was also my golden wedding anniversary and I was already planning a tour of the waterways with my wife, travelling from Budapest to Amsterdam. The money helped make that year and our trip even more special.’

Supporting our raffle helps us to continue with our work. The more people who buy our tickets the more sick and injured pets we can treat. So please tell your friends and family about PDSA and our raffle.

Wish List Raffle - 13 March, 2024

1st Prize - £12,000

Mrs S Edgell, Kent - On Line Winner

2nd Prize - £2,500

Mrs L Price, West Midlands - Ticket Number 0749865

3rd Prize - £250 x 5

Mr A Hopkins, Cheshire, Ticket Number 0671766Mr D McMeeken, Dumfriesshire, Ticket Number 1060712Mr T Loke, Leicestershire, Ticket Number 0367100Mrs D Ashfield, Derbyshire, Ticket Number 1125094Mr R Pugsley, West Midlands, Ticket Number 0226356

4th Prize - £25 x 50

Mrs G Moore, BristolMrs G Wickham, CornwallMr J Pearson, Essex Mrs V Smith, West LothianMr R Mason, South Yorkshire Mr M Barns, KentMrs L Knowles, Greater London Miss T Dovey, Greater LondonMrs J Mason, Derbyshire Mrs A Bishop, KentMr D Byard, KentMrs D Ward, West MidlandsMrs J Wroe, WarwickshireMrs H Arnott, AyrshireMrs S Memory, SurreyMr B Shane, BedfordshireMr M Ward, DevonMrs J Russell, StaffordshireMrs S Roberts, LondonMrs M Helmore, DevonMrs J Hetherington, Warwickshire Mrs S Ryder, EssexMr M Brinkworth, Gloucestershire Mrs M Steadman, StaffordshireMrs J Gardner, West Midlands Mr K Fontaine, KentMrs L Vickers, West Midlands Ms S Sweeney, ManchesterMrs G Bonner, Buckinghamshire Mr M Payne, NorfolkMiss G Woolner, Midlothian Mrs P Porter, NottinghamshireMr M Franklin, Wiltshire Mrs H Tideswell, DerbyshireMiss P Mills, Kent Mrs P Dawkins, HampshireMr P Hopkinson, Nottinghamshire Mrs M Wort, SurreyMrs E Edmond, North HumbersideMiss J McDonald, Shropshire Mrs S Baker, MiddlesexMr M McMillian, Dunbartonshire Mr W Spencer, MiddlesexMr M Ginnelly, Wiltshire Miss D Hayden, London

On Line Winners

Mr N Lyons, West YorkshireMr J Ward, ManchesterMiss J Green, SomersetMrs J Roach, DevonDr J Mills, Lancashire

Big Gift Raffle Winners - 13 December, 2023

1st Prize - £12,000

  • Mr P Lewis, Monmouthshire - Ticket Number 0835145

2nd Prize - £2,500

  • Mr G Woodhouse, Leicestershire - Ticket Number, On Line Winner

3rd Prize - £250 x 5

  • Mrs J Martin, West Midlands, Ticket Number 1216835
  • Mrs C Caine, Oxfordshire, Ticket Number 0384808
  • Mr S Richardson, Cleveland, Ticket Number 0511544
  • Mr M Bunt, Cornwall, Ticket Number 0989150
  • Mrs D Mawbry, West Midlands, Ticket Number 1046340

4th Prize - £25 x 50

  • Miss P Jones, Middlesex
  • Mr R Atkin, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs A Hutchinson, Wiltshire
  • Mr M Maw, North Humberside
  • Mrs M Bishop, West Midlands
  • Mrs M Wallis, Lincolnshire
  • Mr R Groves, Somerset
  • Miss A Laidlaw, Merseyside
  • Mrs D Johnson, North Humberside
  • Mrs B Cole, South Glamorgan
  • Ms C Baxter, Greater London
  • Mrs D Smith, Cambridgeshire
  • Ms K Koc, Greater London
  • Mrs P Stapleton, Devon
  • Mrs C Haxton, Gloucestershire
  • Mrs J Manning, Somerset
  • Miss P Moten, Kent
  • Ms D Donohue, Greater London
  • Miss M Webb, West Midlands
  • Ms K Corran, Cumbria
  • Mr N Ward, Durham
  • Mrs I James, West Midlands
  • Mr L McLennan, Lanarkshire
  • Mrs M Crosswell, Norfolk
  • Mr A Common, Northumberland
  • Mrs C Croton, Devon
  • Mrs R Tervit, Tyne & Wear
  • Mr J Parker, Hampshire
  • Mrs B Brown, Greater Manchester
  • Mrs H Vernon, Powys
  • Mrs M Goodwin, Gloucestershire
  • Mr D Harrison, Greater London
  • Mr S Meek, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs M Rose, West Midlands
  • Mr & Mrs C Dragon, Lincolnshire
  • Mrs S Baker, Hampshire
  • Mrs J Coates, Buckinghamshire
  • Mrs S Creane, Wrexham
  • Miss L Watt, Shetland
  • Ms I Dalby, Derbyshire
  • Mr J Rushton, Renfrewshire
  • Mrs S Knowles, Lancashire
  • Mrs K Harwood, Hampshire
  • Mrs M Retief, Northumberland
  • Mr E Hayes, Swansea
  • Mrs E Broadhead, Nottinghamshire
  • Mr B Wright, Norfolk
  • Ms J Greenhalgh, Rutland
  • Mr R Baynton, Monmouthshire
  • Mr R Goodall, West Yorkshire

Walkies for Winners Raffle Winners - 13 September, 2023

1st Prize - £12,000

Mrs C Walker, North Humberside - Ticket Number 1096727

2nd Prize - £2,500

Mrs P Mumford, Worcestershire - Ticket Number 0770645

3rd Prize - £250 x 5

  • Mrs B Tickhill, Dorset - Ticket Number 0421869
  • Mrs R Dunn, Cleveland - Ticket Number 0908917
  • Mrs S Franks, Norwich, - Ticket Number 0847520
  • Mrs O Sander, Essex, - Ticket Number 0568412
  • Mrs J Adams, West Midlands - Ticket Number 0206344

4th Prize - £25 x50

  • Mrs S Clark, East Lothian
  • Mrs J Donnelly, Wiltshire
  • Mrs H Morton, Essex
  • Miss P Ingram, West Midlands
  • Mrs G Weston, West Midlands
  • Mr W Thomas, Cornwall
  • Mrs J Fowler, Gloucestershire
  • Mrs L Blackmore, East Sussex
  • Mrs J Spencer, Leicestershire
  • Mr I Allen, West Sussex
  • Mrs J Broughton, West Midlands
  • Mrs J Race, South Yorkshire
  • Mr & Mrs P Bray, Manchester
  • Miss S Rees, Kent
  • Mr R Lightfoot, Greater London
  • Mrs C Batho, Essex
  • Mrs V Leach, Hampshire
  • Mr K Guyett, County Durham
  • Mrs J Notaro, Greater London
  • Mrs L Levnajic, Warwickshire
  • Mrs J Pollock, South Humberside
  • Mrs P Bodill, Berkshire
  • Miss P Gander, Oxfordshire
  • Mr L Taylor, Tyne & Wear
  • Miss B Cork, East Sussex
  • Mrs C Sadler, Norfolk
  • Mrs C Carty, Wiltshire
  • Mr C Wray, North Yorkshire
  • Mr W Hince, Herefordshire
  • Mrs J Notaro, London
  • Ms L Wimblett, Somerset
  • Ms L Piponi Hertfordshire
  • Miss S Commbe, Devon
  • Mrs P Hunt, North Humberside
  • Ms H Johnson, West Midlands
  • Mr M Taylor, Suffolk
  • Mrs P Kenny, Kent
  • Mrs C Waller, Warwickshire
  • Mr M Warsop, North Humberside
  • Ms E Dunn, Suffolk
  • Miss I Bussey, Kent
  • Mrs N Joyce, Northamptonshire
  • Mr M O’Callaghan, Worcestershire
  • Mrs J Newell, Hertfordshire
  • Ms M McSherry North Humberside
  • Mrs M Withers, West Midlands
  • Mrs L Wicks, West Midlands
  • Mr B Robb, Essex
  • Ms S McLean, Ayrshire
  • Ms A Mai-Hamilton, Hampshire

Stroke it Lucky Raffle - 21 June, 2023

1st Prize - £12,000

  • Mrs C Parsons, Kent - Ticket Number 0810993

2nd Prize - £2,500

  • Miss M Kay, Derbyshire - Ticket Number 1051417

3rd Prize £250 x 5

  • Mr J Prosser, Norfolk - Ticket Number 0981956
  • Miss D Adams, Hampshire - Ticket Number 0783152
  • Mr A Garman, Berkshire - Ticket Number 0099403
  • Miss J Woodward, Surrey -Ticket Number 0792489
  • Miss B Bates, London - Ticket Number 0799530

4th Prize - £25 x 50

  • Mrs N Cherrette, Gloucestershire
  • Mrs D Knight, Powys
  • Ms S Furlong, Essex
  • Miss M White, Lincolnshire
  • Mrs K Bentley, Greater Manchester
  • Mrs J Burnside,Suffolk
  • Mrs S Westmacott, Somerset
  • Mrs P Wilmhurst, Kent
  • Mrs S Humphreys, Cambridgeshire
  • Mr Goldsmith, Lincolnshire
  • Mrs Y Jones, Carmarthenshire
  • Mr J Welsh, Stirlingshire
  • Miss R Owen, Anglesey
  • Mr I Keech, Bedfordshire
  • Miss W Davidson, Scottish Borders
  • Mrs A Kempster, Yorkshire
  • Mrs B Dawson, Buckinghamshire
  • Mrs M Chard, Gwent
  • Miss J Woodward, Surrey
  • Ms C Platts, Leicestershire
  • Mrs J Dean, Gwent
  • Miss M Kay, Derbyshire
  • Mr A Milton, Lancashire
  • K Rimmer, Tyne and Wear
  • Mr R Talbot, Nottinghamshire
  • Mrs V Farrell, Surrey
  • Mr & Mrs I Food, Leicestershire
  • Mr J Hepplewhite, Staffordshire
  • Miss K Grant, South Yorkshire
  • Mrs J Hand, Oxfordshire
  • Mrs J Stephens, Oxfordshire
  • Mrs M Gibbons, Sussex
  • Mrs F Docherty, Angus
  • Ms M Smith, Devon
  • Mrs L Martin, Buckinghamshire
  • Mr R Mann, Devon
  • Mr J Townend, Kent
  • Ms A Smith, Cornwall
  • Mr D Brown, West Midlands
  • Mrs D Knight, Powys
  • Miss M Wonnacott, Devon
  • Mrs G Bird, Norfolk
  • Mr J Whatley, Cambridgeshire
  • Mrs J Joyce, Warwickshire
  • Mrs P Boardman, West Midlands
  • Mrs A O’Connell, Gwent
  • Mr D Jackson, Durham
  • Mr G Podschies, Devon
  • Miss C Suttle, Hampshire
  • Ms M Maccallum, Avon

VIP Raffle - 15 March, 2023

1st Prize - £12,000

  • Mrs J Large, West Sussex,Ticket Number 1089986

2nd Prize - £2,500

  • Mrs L Stewart, Nottinghamshire, Ticket Number 1189480

3rd Prize - £250 x 5

  • Mr E Champion, Wiltshire , Ticket Number 0907112
  • Mr H Stewart, Dumfriesshire, Ticket Number 1192564
  • Mrs H Clark, Kent, Ticket Number 1004909
  • Mrs M Flanagan, West Sussex, Ticket Number 0160954
  • Mr D Byard, Kent Ticket Number 1012563

4th Prize - £25 x 50

  • Mrs D Holcroft, Cheshire
  • Mrs P Heath, Cheshire
  • Mrs E Howarth, West Glamorgan
  • Mrs L Johns, Devon
  • Mrs J Crittenden, Kent
  • Mrs H Gover, South Yorkshire
  • Mrs B Hillier, Merseyside
  • Mrs S Matthams, Suffolk
  • Mrs G Gapski, South Glamorgan
  • Mrs A Rigby, Merseyside
  • Mr A Ince, Inverness-shire
  • Mrs S Roberts, Lancashire
  • Mr W Lang, Northamptonshire
  • Mr S Hill, South Glamorgan
  • Ms L Harrison, Staffordshire
  • Miss C Cummings, Shropshire
  • Mr S Stephenson, South Yorkshire
  • Ms R Taylor, Avon
  • Mrs A Peacock, Cambridgeshire
  • Mrs D Knight, Powys
  • Mrs D Tuck, Kent
  • Mr J McGuigan, Montrose
  • Mr M McCarney, Lanarkshire
  • Mr B Crosse, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs S Siddall, Cumbria
  • Mrs M Kearl, Dorset
  • Mrs J Cox, Clwyd
  • Mrs M Flanagan, Gwent
  • Mrs S Banks, Surrey
  • Mrs C Huby, North Lincolnshire
  • Mrs D Marshall, North Humberside
  • Mrs H Pearce, East Lothian
  • Mrs P Munro, Glasgow
  • Mrs B Knight, Hampshire
  • Mrs E Ross, Somerset
  • Ms C Russell, Lanarkshire
  • Mrs J Edwards-Moorhouse, Isle of Wight (x2)
  • Mrs O Hough, Merseyside
  • Ms R Hamid, London
  • Mrs L Kayes, Lanarkshire
  • Miss Buckley, Cheshire
  • Miss L Baker, Dyfed
  • Mrs P Critchley, Hampshire
  • Mrs K Meier, Oxfordshire
  • Mr R Taylor, Stratchlyde
  • Mrs J Ellis, Lancashire
  • Miss K Tonks, North Humberside
  • Mr F O’Dea, Merseyside
  • Ms E Carrol, Dundee

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